Welcome to Oakwood rabbitry.  We are a small breeder in the Tampa Bay area, located on the west coast of Florida(Nature Coast).  Our family has been breeding on and off for several years and we enjoy every minute!  We are currently downsizing the number of breeds that will be in our rabbitry.  So if you are familar with our program, you will notice that we will no longer have Dutch, or Mini Rex.  However, we are very excited to say that we do now have  New Zealands that will be appearing soon out of excellent show stock.  Without going into too much detail at this time, I will say that I encourage you to check back frequently!  Also we will still be continuing to raise Holland Lops and English Lops.  Our goal here at Oakwood is to produce all around exceptional quality rabbits,  and of course have fun too!  In order to maintain the latter of the two I have to please not only myself but my family as well, which is the main reason for the change.  We hope you will find something on our site that is as intriguing to you as it is to us.  During this transition you will still see pictures of the previous breeders until they have been placed.  Keep in mind they are being placed for no reason other than to expand our New Zealand line.  My son, who has really started to show an interest in the New Zealand is devistated at the stock we are removing from our program.  Nevertheless, I explained in great detail we simply can't have it all, (a phrase we as adults know all too well and kids have not the first clue about)!  Now's a great time for him to learn the true meaning of the word"sacrafice".   With that being said, we hope that you will welcome our decision.  An enourmous amount of thought, persistence, diligence, and even persiverance when into this switch,(sounds like were trying to create an infrastructure that freeing us all from economic struggle)!, although i KNOW IT'S NO WHERE NEAR THAT EXTENSIVE  I think that those who appreciate the beauty and overal representation of the breed will be quite satisfied with what we will  have to offer! 


Please call for updated pictures and availability (352)345-6460

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